Journal Article Development of 170 GHz, 1MW gyrotron with high-order TE31,11 mode oscillation for ITER EC system

池田, 亮介  ,  小田, 靖久  ,  小林, 貴之  ,  寺門, 正之  ,  梶原, 健  ,  高橋, 幸司  ,  森山, 伸一  ,  坂本, 慶司

128pp.23 - 27 , 2018-01 , Elsevier
A TE31,11 mode gyrotron has being developed to improve the output power for the ITER electron cyclotron (EC) system. Strong mode competition having counter-rotating modes in both the high and/or low field sides is, in general, the typical issue for high order mode oscillations. Active anode voltage control and beam radius control were introduced to overcome this issue and obtain stable 1MW oscillation. The TE31,11 mode was oscillated in a hard-self excitation region and the efficiency was improved up to 50%. Long pulse operation of output power of 1MW with total efficiency of 46% for 230 s was also performed. Oscillations of over–1MW power of 1.1MW and 1.2MW for 2 s pulse were achieved.

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