Journal Article Demonstration of 25-Hz-Inspection-Speed Laser Remote Sensing for Internal Concrete Defects

倉橋, 慎理  ,  三上, 勝大  ,  北村, 俊幸  ,  長谷川, 登  ,  岡田, 大  ,  近藤, 修司  ,  錦野, 将元  ,  河内, 哲哉  ,  島田, 義則

12 ( 1 )  , pp.015009-1 - 015009-10 , 2018-01 , SPIE
High-speed laser remote sensing of defects inside concrete a specimen was demonstrated. In the proposed measurement setup, high-power laser pulses irradiated a concrete surface to generate vibration that can be detected by an optical interferometer, which was constructed using photorefractive crystal. The laser-based remote sensing system achieved inspection speeds of 25 Hz. The predominant frequency of a mock-up defect that was embedded in a concrete specimen was measured. The inspection result was identical to that obtained using a conventional hammering method.

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