Conference Paper Multiparametric PIC simulations of electron vortices in relativistic laser plasmas

R. Kniazev, Alexey  ,  Sergei V. Solovyev  ,  Fedor F. Kamenets  ,  Kirill V. Lezhnin  ,  エシロケポフ, ティムル  ,  ブラノフ, セルゲイ

This work is dedicated to the multiparametric numerical simulations of the dynamics of electron vortices - one of the coherent structures that can form due to the interaction of high-intensity laser pulses with plasmas. Using a two-dimensional Particle-in-Cell simulations it is demonstrated that the postsoliton stage of the evolution of the electron vortex is described well by the ”snow plow” model. The dependence between the parameters of the vortex and the characteristic time of the vortex boundary disintegration is absorbed.

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