Conference Paper FENDL-3.1b Test

今野, 力  ,  権, セロム  ,  太田, 雅之  ,  佐藤, 聡

The revised version of FENDL-3, FENDL-3.1b, was released in October, 2015. Thus we have tested FENDL-3.1b neutron sub-library for the problems we reported to IAEA before. Most of the MATXS files above 20 MeV had no scattering matrix data of non-elastic scattering, but this problem was fixed by re-processing FENDL-3 with NJOY2012.50. As for the problem on KERMA factors and DPA data, IAEA revised the wrong Q value of the capture reaction in 15N and re-calculated KERMA factors and DPA data with NJOY2012.50. It was confirmed that most of the KERMA factors and DPA data were revised correctly except for huge gas production cross-section data. However a new problem on KERMA and DPA data of 39-41K was found out. It was considered that this problem was due to a bug of NJOY. Additionally we investigated a trouble in NJOY processing of 116Sn and 117Sn at IAEA and specified that one of the NJOY patches caused this trouble.

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