Journal Article Proposal of 95gTc and 96gTc as alternatives to medical radioisotope 99mTc

Hayakawa, Takehito  ,  Hatsukawa, Yuichi  ,  Tanimori, Toru

4 ( 1 )  , pp.e00497-1 - e00497-20 , 2018-01 , Elsevier
We studied 95gTc and 96gTc as alternatives to the medical radioisotope 99mTc. 96gTc (95gTc) can be produced by (p, n) reactions on an enriched 96Mo (95Mo) target with a proton beam provided by a compact accelerator such as a medical cyclotron that generate radioisotopes for positron emission tomography (PET). The γ-rays are measured with an electron-tracking Compton camera (ETCC). We calculated the relative intensities of the γ-rays from 95gTc and 96gTc. The calculated γ-ray intensity of a 96gTc (95gTc) nucleus is as high as 63% (70%) of that of a 99mTc nucleus. We also calculated the patient radiation doses of 95gTc and 96gTc, which were larger than that of 99mTc by a factor of 2–3 based on the applied assumptions. A medical PET cyclotron which can provide proton beams with energies of 11–12 MeV and a current of 100 μA can produce 12 GBq (39 GBq) of 96gTc (95gTc) for operation time of 8 h, which can be used for 240 (200) diagnostic scans.

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