Journal Article First principles centroid molecular dynamics simulation of high pressure ices

池田, 隆司

148 ( 10 )  , pp.102332-1 - 102332-8 , 2018-01 , AIP Publishing
The nuclear quantum effects (NQEs) on the structural, elastic, electronic, and vibrational properties of high pressure ices (HPIs) VIII, VII, and X at 270 K were investigated via first principles centroid molecular dynamics (CMD). Our simulations clearly show that even at relatively high temperature of 270 K, the NQEs play a definite role in the pressure-induced proton order (ice VIII)-disorder (ice VII) transition occurring at ~30 GPa in our H2O ice and the subsequent transition to the symmetric phase ice X suggested to occur at ~80 GPa. The internal pressure computed at constant NVT conditions shows that the NQEs manifest themselves in the equation of state of HPIs. Our employed approach based on first principles CMD for computing vibrational spectra is proved to be able to reproduce well the overall features of the measured infrared and Raman spectra.

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