Presentation OpenPET surgery for accurate tumor resection toward conquest of refractory cancer

田島, 英朗  ,  吉井, 幸恵  ,  岩男, 悠真  ,  吉田, 英治  ,  脇坂, 秀克  ,  田桑, 弘之  ,  須尭, 綾  ,  張, 明栄  ,  山谷, 泰賀

Widely and complexly distributed cancer tumors are difficult to treat with standard surgery. Even in such cases, the survival rate can be improved by removing the tumors as completely as possible combining with drug treatments. However, it is very challenging to find and resect all the tumors in one surgery when they are located behind organs because they can easily change the location during surgery. To tackle this challenge, we propose OpenPET surgery by applying the OpenPET, which is an open-type PET, with real-time or online imaging system for image guided surgery. For a proof-of-concept, we conducted a demonstrational surgery using a small OpenPET prototype and a mouse. The mouse into which human colon carcinoma cells were transplanted and PET tracer was injected was set onto the operation table inside the FOV of the OpenPET for an abdominal operation. The tumor locations could be checked anytime during the surgery. After the surgery, we checked there was no residual tumor inside the mouse body by the online OpenPET image. The proposed OpenPET surgery was effective in preventing tumors, especially those located behind organs, from being left after the surgery.
1st QST International Symposium Quantum Life Science

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