Conference Paper Double differential cross section for light mass fragment production on tens of MeV proton, deuteron, helium and carbon induced reactions

Samami, Toshiya  ,  Yamaguchi, Yuji  ,  Uozumi, Yusuke  ,  Hagiwara, Masayuki  ,  Koba, Yusuke

The Authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2017. Double differential cross sections (DDXs) of light mass fragment (LMFs - Li,Be,B,C,N and O) productions were measured for tens of MeV proton, deuteron helium and carbon induced reactions on Be, C, Al, Ti and Cu targets. The incident energies for the measurements were chosen to allow us to compare DDXs with same incident energy but different projectiles on various targets. Systematic data were obtained to see the differences between projectile energies, particles, targets and emitted particles. From the comparison, reaction processes of not only evaporation from complete fusion nucleus, but also scattering, pickup, stripping and projectile fragmentation were observed.

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