Journal Article Properties of the RF transmission line of a C-shaped waveguide

沢村, 勝  ,  江木, 昌史  ,  江並, 和宏  ,  古屋, 貴章  ,  阪井, 寛志  ,  梅森, 健成

A new type of waveguide, named the C-shaped waveguide (CSWG), has a structure similar to that of a coaxial line but with a plate connecting the inner conductor to the outer conductor. The CSWG has unique characteristics, such as a cutoff frequency and easy cooling of the inner conductor, that are absent in the coaxial line. The results of calculations using 3-dimensional simulation software and measurement with the CSWG model are in good agreement with the analytical solution. The CSWG can be applied to a pickup port with a high-pass filter that can attenuate the higher-order modes over the cutoff frequency without attenuating the accelerating mode.

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