Presentation Quantum Life Sciences in QST

Yokoya, Akinari  ,  Imaoka, Tatsuhiko  ,  Ohshima, Takeshi  ,  Onoda, Shinobu  ,  Owada, Kenji  ,  Fujii, Kentaro  ,  Yamakawa, Koichi  ,  Adachi, Motoyasu  ,  Oba, Hironori  ,  Yamada, Makiko  ,  Kono, Hidetoshi  ,  Murakami, Hiroshi  ,  Ouchi, Noriyuki  ,  Yonetani, Yoshiteru  ,  Igarashi, Ryuji  ,  Izumi, Yudai  ,  Tanaka, Shigenori  ,  Hatano, Mutshuko  ,  Takeuhi, Shigeki

Integration of state-of-the-art quantum techniques and advanced biology provide us not only a technical breakthrough for ultramicroscopic observation of living systems but also a change of our recognition of their operating principle. Particularly it is challenging to verify whether quantum effects play certain rolesin the dynamical expression of cellular function as well as expression of consciousness in our brain. To address these newly set research agendas, QST has launched a virtual lab composed ofresearchers having a diverse scientific background such as radiobiology and medicine, material sciences, optics, computer Simulation, and brain science.In the present poster, we briefly introduce our projects: 1) sub-cellular Sensing using nano-crystals as single photon sources; 2) structural analysis or imaging of biomaterials by Polarized or coherent light (X-rays) from accelerators, or quantum entanglement photons; 3) two-photon imaging using infrared laser for cancer tissue; 4) experimental and theoretical approaches for energy migration in biomolecules; and 5) future brain study. Most of the researchers are involved in two or more Projects in the lab, and play a role like a "node" in the "project network." By doing so,"coherentOscillations" can be propagated in the network and will Produce novelideas on quantum life science.
第1回QST国際シンポジウム「量子生命科学 -Quantum Life Science-」

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