Journal Article Production of iodine radionuclides usin 7Li ion beams

Nishinaka, Ichiro  ,  Yokoyama, A.  ,  Washiyama, K.  ,  Makii, H.  ,  Hashimoto, Kazuyuki

314 ( 3 )  , pp.1947 - 1965 , 2017-10 , Springer
Production cross sections of iodine, tellurium and antimony radionuclides in the 24–59 MeV 7Li+natSn reaction have been measured by the conventional stacked foil technique with c-ray spectrometry. Excitation functions of the production cross sections were compared with a statistical model calculation, indicating complete and incomplete fusion reactions produce the radionuclides. The integral yields of 123,124,125,126I were deduced from the calculated excitation functions in the 7Li induced reactions on natSn, 122Sn 120Sn and 119Sn in view of the production of medically important 123,124I and radionuclidic impurities of long-lived 125,126I. The results are discussed by comparing with literature values obtained with other reactions.

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