Presentation Mass analyzer for radioactive molecular ion beam with a double focusing magnet

宮原, 信幸

At NIRS, re-acceleration of unstable 11C ion beam with the medical synchrotron, HIMAC has been pursuit in order to enable the real time imaging of carbon ion irradiation in tumor cells. Up to now 11C6+ ion beams have been tried with very limited intensities of ~105 per pulse by a projectile fragment scheme and it was not possible to obtain a clear imaging. Recently the usage of a target fragment 11C ion beam, produced by the irradiation of a high intensity proton beam coming from the AVF cyclotron at NIRS has been investigated. For this purpose we are now studying the capability to separate with a double focusing magnet the molecular 11CO2+ ion beam from the overwhelming 12CO2+ ion beam. In the present paper the mass separation system is presented.

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