Presentation An issue on design integration of an intense fusion neutron source: effects of deuteron beam injection on the stability of the liquid Li target with the free surface

中村, 誠  ,  近藤, 浩夫  ,  金村, 卓治  ,  小柳津, 誠  ,  落合, 謙太郎  ,  鈴木, 寛光

Injection of the intense particle beam into the liquid Li target, so-called ‘beam-on-target’, with the free surface poses design integration issues resulted from the beam energy and momentum depositions. The purpose of the study is to analytically evaluate the deformation of the free surface of the Li target by the beam injection. The analytical formula is derived of the thickness of the Li target flow in the flow direction. We evaluate the thickness of the beam-on-target of Advanced Fusion Neutron Source (A-FNS). The analytical results presented here may be a benchmark of more complicated CFD simulation for the beam-on-target design of A-FNS.
Plasma Conference 2017 (PLASMA2017)

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