Presentation Nuclear Data Library for Shutdown Dose Rate Calculation on Advanced Fusion Neutron Source Facility

佐藤, 聡  ,  小迫, 和明

By applying Direct 1 Step (D1S) MCNP with the modified nuclear data library (ACE file), it is possible to calculate the shutdown dose rate in A-FNS facility with high accuracy. In order to create the ACE files for D1S MCNP, we develop the creation code. Using this code and Fusion Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries FENDL-3.1, we newly create the ACE files for D1S MCNP for the evaluation of the shutdown dose rate in A-FNS. We conduct the benchmark calculation by using the D1S MCNP and the newly created ACE files. From the benchmark calculation results, it is confirmed that the ACE files are successfully created.
Plasma Conference 2017

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