Article The Importance of Primary and Secondary Bystander Response Crosstalk between Human Lung Cancer and Normal Cells by Exposure of High-LET Carbon Ions (16J318)

Autsavapromporn, Narongchai  ,  Kobayashi, Alisa  ,  Liu, Cuihua  ,  Furusawa, Yoshiya  ,  Konishi, Teruaki

Radiotherapy is the most commonly used treatments for cancer, particularly for heavy ions such as carbon ions. However, the mechanism underlying the primary- and secondary bystander response between irradiated cancercells and neighboring normal cells are poorly understood. Using the layers tissue culture model to investigate the primary- and secondary bystander responses crosstalk between carbon-irradiated A549 cells and bystander normal WI-38 cells. Preliminary findings show that primary- and secondary bystander cells that had been co-cultured with carbon-irradiated A549 cells exhibited increased micronucleus (MN) formation compared to respective control. In contrast, treatment with NO inhibitor shows a decrease of MN formation in primary bystander cells but not in secondary bystander cells. These results show that NO play a key role on the primary and secondary bystander response.

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