Presentation Impact of the beam pressure on the free surface of the liquid lithium target of fusion neutron sources

中村, 誠  ,  近藤, 浩夫  ,  金村, 卓治  ,  小柳津, 誠  ,  落合, 謙太郎  ,  鈴木, 寛光

Accelerator-driven fusion neutron sources, e.g. A-FNS and DONES, are being designed, based on the IFMIF/EVEDA results, for neutron irradiation test of fusion reactor materials. A purpose of the study is to evaluate analytically the deformation of the Li free surface potentially caused by the beam pressure. A new 2-D fluid model of the beam-on target of an IFMIF-type fusion neutron source has been developed by extending the existing 2-D model of the Li target flow of the EVEDA Lithium Test Loop (ELTL). The analytical formula of the thickness of the beam-on target in the flow direction has been derived with accounting for the beam pressure effect. Evaluation the deformation of the thickness of the beam-on target of a fusion neutron source A-FNS, being designed in QST, Japan, is presented. The analytical results presented here may be used for a benchmark of more complicated CFD simulation for the beam-on-target design of IFMIF-type fusion neutron sources, e.g. A-FNS and DONES.
The 18th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials

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