Journal Article Chemical Form Analysis of Reaction Products in Cs-adsorption on Stainless Steel by means of HAXPES and SEM/EDX

小畠, 雅明  ,  岡根, 哲夫  ,  中島, 邦久  ,  鈴木, 理恵子  ,  大和田, 謙二  ,  小林, 啓介  ,  山上, 浩志  ,  逢坂, 正彦

498pp.387 - 394 , 2017-11 , Elsevier
In this study, for the understandings of Cesium (Cs) adsorption behavior on structure materials in severe accidents at a light water nuclear reactor, the chemical state of Cs and its distribution on the surface of SUS304 stainless steel (SS) with different Si concentration were investigated by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) and scanning electron microscope / energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM/EDX). As a result, it was found that Cs is selectively adsorbed at the site where Si distributes with a high concentration. CsFeSiO4 is a dominant Cs products in case of low Si content, mainly formed, while Cs2Si2O5 and Cs2Si4O9 are formed in addition to CsFeSiO4 in case of high Si content. The chemical forms of the Cs compounds produced in the adsorption process on the SS surface has a close correlation with the concentration and chemical states of Si originally included in SS.

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