Article Role of stem cells in radioresponse of tumor cells toward high-LET particles and the involvement of endogenous H2S pathway

Pang, Yan  ,  Zhang, Hang  ,  Fu, Jiamei  ,  Konishi, Teruaki  ,  Kobayashi, Alisa  ,  Furusawa, Yoshiya  ,  Uchihori, Yukio  ,  Shao, Chunlin

Growing evidence suggests that low-LET radiation can paradoxically promote tumor invasion and metastatic processes, however, there are limited reports concerning the effect of high-LET radiation on the invasiveness and migration of tumor cells, and the molecular mechanism remain largely unknown. Here, we found that carbon ions and gamma radiation can both induce a converse effect on cellular migration and invasion in HCT116 and DLD-1 cells, and this may be related to the opposite EMT process in these two cell lines, which are regulated by different phosphorylation of GSK3β protein after radiation.

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