Presentation Ion-beam irradiation frequently induces simultaneous alterations of multiple traits in soybean

Natasia  ,  Mikuriya, Shun  ,  Kasai, Megumi  ,  Nakashima, Kenta  ,  Hase, Yoshihiro  ,  Yamada, Tetsuya  ,  Abe, Jun  ,  Kanazawa, Akira

We have obtained soybean mutants harboring chlorophyll deficiency through mutagenesis using ion-beam irradiation. In the present study, we found that progeny of these soybean mutants had distinct chlorophyll content, flowering time and seed component relative to the wild type. Among these mutant lines, some exhibited coincidentally altered phenotypes in terms of these traits. The generation of a wide spectrum of mutations indicates the plasticity of soybean genome, which is manifested when combined with the highly mutagenic activity of ion-beam irradiation.

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