Journal Article Performance of tritium analysis system using inorganic-based hydrophobic platinum catalyst

枝尾, 祐希  ,  岩井, 保則  ,  佐藤, 克美  ,  林, 巧

124pp.818 - 821 , 2017-11 , Elsevier
A method combined oxidation catalytic reactor and water bubbler is the most quantitative analysis method for gaseous tritium. We developed a tritium measurement system with high accuracy using an organic-based hydrophobic platinum catalyst previously. However, the previous measurement system had a shortcoming that the catalyst was combustible over 100oC. To overcome the shortcoming, we developed an inorganic-based hydrophobic platinum catalyst (Pt/SiO2) which was noncombustible. The developed Pt/SiO2 catalyst was specially enhanced the hydrophobicity to prevent adsorption of water vapor on the surface of catalyst. To oxidize tritium efficiently, the particle diameter of 1mmwas selected for the catalyst and hydrogen was intentionally added at the inlet of the catalytic reactor to be the optimal concentration for oxidation. The performance tests showed that a modified quantitative tritium analysis system using by the hydrophobic Pt/SiO2 catalyst provides tritium measurement with high accuracy more than 99.9%. We have confirmed the modified quantitative tritium analysis system is available in various conditions.

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