Presentation Plasma formation and target preheating by prepulse of PW laser light

Sentoku , Yasuhiko  ,  Iwata , Natsumi  ,  Kevin Koga, James  ,  Nicholas, Dover  ,  Nishiuchi, Mamiko

An intense short pulse laser with intensity over 10^21^ W/cm^2^ has become available, i.e. J-KAREN-P at QST. Although the contrast of the short pulse is improved to be of the order of 10^−11^, there is an unavoidable prepulse, which has multiple spikes (~ ps) on top of an exponential profile with intensity greater than 10^14^ W/cm^2^ about 50 ps in front of the main pulse. The prepulse preheats the target and also produces tenuous plasmas in front of a target before the main pulse arrives. It is critical to understand such preheating of the target, where the nonlocal heat transport is essential at intensity >10^14^ W/cm^2^, since the target condition might totally change before the interaction with the main pulse. Using a hydro code, FLASH, and a collisional particle-in-cell code, PICLS, we study the preplasma formation and target preheating over tens of picoseconds timescale, and discuss the prepulse effects on the main pulse interaction.
59th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics

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