Journal Article Study of deuteron-induced nuclear reactions on natural tungsten for the production of theranostic 186Re via AVF cyclotron up to 38 MeV

Uddin Khandaker, Mayeen  ,  Nagatsu, Kotaro  ,  Minegishi, Katsuyuki  ,  Wakui, Takashi  ,  Ming-Rong, Zhang  ,  Otuka, Naohiko

Activation cross-sections for the natW(d,x)181,182 m,182 g,183,184m,184g,184g(cum),186gRe, 187W and 182g+m+nTanuclear reactions were measured from the respective thresholds up to 38 MeV by using a stacked-foilactivation technique combined with HPGe c-ray spectrometry. The results are compared with the availableliterature data and theoretical data extracted from the TENDL-2015 library, and found only a partialagreement among them. Independent cross-sections for the natW(d,x)182g+m+nTa reactions are reportedhere for the first time. Physical thick target yields for the investigated reaction products were deducedfrom the measured cross-sections and compared with the directly measured yields found in the literature.The deduced yield curves indicate that a typical irradiation of an enriched 186W target with100 mA current from a low energy (<18 MeV) deuteron cyclotron is suitable to obtain more than a hundredGBq activity of 186gRe in no carrier added form.

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