Journal Article Active stabilization of error field penetration via control field and bifurcation of its stable frequency range

井上, 静雄  ,  白石, 淳也  ,  武智, 学  ,  松永, 剛  ,  諫山, 明彦  ,  林, 伸彦  ,  井手, 俊介

57 ( 11 )  , pp.116020-1 - 116020-10 , 2017-10 , Institute of Physics
An active stabilization effect of a rotating control field against an error field penetration is numerically studied. We have developed a resistive magnetohydrodynamic code “AEOLUS-IT”, which can simulate plasma responses to rotating/static external magnetic field. Adopting non-uniform flux coordinates system, the AEOLUS-IT simulation can employ high magnetic Reynolds number condition relevant to present tokamaks. By AEOLUS-IT, we successfully clarified the stabilization mechanism of the control field against the error field penetration. Physical processes of a plasma rotation drive via the control field are demonstrated by the nonlinear simulation, which reveals that the rotation amplitude at a resonant surface is not a monotonic function of the control field frequency, but has an extremum. Consequently, two “bifurcated” frequency ranges of the control field are found for the stabilization of the error field penetration.

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