Journal Article Low-lying dipole strength in 52Cr

静間, 俊行  ,  早川, 岳人  ,  大東, 出  ,  大垣英明  ,  宮本修治  ,  湊太志

96 ( 4 )  , pp.044316-1 - 044316-10 , 2017-10
The low-lying dipole strength in $^{52}$Cr was measured in nuclear resonance fluorescence experiments using a quasi-monochromatic, linearly polarized photon beam. The parities of the excited dipole states were determined by the intensity asymmetry of resonantly scattered $\gamma$-ray with respect to the polarization plane of the incident photon beam. We observed 62 resonances at excitation energies between 7.5 and 12.1 MeV. The observed $M1$ and $E1$ strengths were compared via random-phase approximation calculations using the Skyrme interaction. The effects of 2 particle-2 hole configuration mixing and tensor force on dipole strength distributions were investigated.

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