Journal Article Impact of hot particles on resistive wall mode stability in rotating high-beta plasmas

白石, 淳也  ,  宮戸, 直亮  ,  松永, 剛  ,  藤間, 光徳  ,  本多, 充  ,  鈴木, 隆博  ,  吉田, 麻衣子  ,  林, 伸彦  ,  井手, 俊介

57 ( 12 )  , pp.126051-1 - 126051-11 , 2017-12 , Institute of Physics
We investigate kinetic effects of hot particles and rotating bulk plasmas on resistive wall mode (RWM) stability. To this end, we invoke the hybrid kinetic-magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) model, extended to include self-consistent rotation effects. The extended model needs macroscopic ‘rotation’ due to collective motion of hot and bulk particles. In this paper, we point out that the rotation of hot particles is arbitrary in the hybrid kinetic-MHD formalism, due to the assumption of small hot particle density. To remove this arbitrariness,by considering an equilibrium distribution function of hot particles interacting with rotating bulk particles, we compute the ‘rotation’ of hot particles. By applying the extended hybrid kinetic-MHD model to bulk and hot particles, we have carried out numerical analysis of RWM stability. By varying parameters for neutral beam injection (injection energy and injection pitch angle), we find that new stable regions arise due to additional energy exchange between RWMs and hot particles, induced by the hot particles’ rotation.

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