Presentation Alkaline Durable Anion-Conducting Electrolyte Membranes Prepared by Radiation Induced Grafting of 2-Methyl-4-vinylimidazole for Non-Platinum Direct Hydrazine Hydrate Fuel Cells

Maekawa, Yasunari  ,  Yoshimura, Kimio  ,  Kouta., Takeuchi (Gunma Univ.)  ,  Hiroki, Akihiro  ,  Shun, Watanabe (Saitama Institute of Tech.)  ,  Tokio, Hagiwara (Saitama Institute of Tech.)  ,  Hideyuki, Shishitani (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)  ,  Susumu, Yamaguch (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.)

We have been developing highly-conductive and alkaline-durable anion-conducting electrolyte membranes (AEMs) for a platinum-free fuel cell (FC) for liquid fuel type vehicles. We applied radiation-induced grafting technique to introduce imidazolium-based graft-copolymers into thermally and mechanically tough poly(ethylene-co-tetrafluoroethylene) (ETFE) to develop new AEMs with high conductivity and alkaline durability. Our strategy to overcome the alkaline unstable character of AEMs is as follows: (1) Basicity control of anion-conducting groups in AEMs. (2) Molecular design for alkaline-durability of the imidazolium groups on the graft-copolymers. (3) Understanding of structural requirement for alkaline durability by analyzing the hierarchical structures of AEMs using small angle X-rays/neutron scattering methods.
232nd ECS Meeting

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