Presentation Synthesis, Characterization, and Alkaline Stabilities of p-(2-imidazoliumyl) Styrene- Grafted Anion-Conducting Electrolyte Membranes Prepared By Radiation-Induced Grafting for Fuel Cells

Yu, Hwanchul  ,  Yoshimura, Kimio  ,  Zhao, Yue  ,  Hiroki, Akihiro  ,  Maekawa, Yasunari

The anion-conducting electrolyte membrane fuel cells (AEMFCs) have attracted considerable interest due to their significant advantages over proton conducting electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFC). However, the AEMs degraded via the β-elimination reaction and the ring opening reaction of C2 position. So in this work, we synthesized the AEM based on a poly(p-(2-imidazoliumyl) styrene (2STZ)) grafts by radiation-induced grafting method to exclude β-hydrogen from the structure and protect C2 position.
232nd ECS Meeting

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