Journal Article Possible effects of collective neutrino oscillations in three-flavor multiangle simulations of supernova νp processes

Sasaki, H.  ,  Kajino, T.  ,  Takiwaki, T.  ,  Hayakawa, T.  ,  B. Balantekin, A.  ,  Pehlivan, Y.

96 ( 4 )  , pp.043013-1 - 043013-11 , 2017-08 , American Physical Society
We study the effects of collective neutrino oscillations on neutrino p process nucleosynthesis in a proton-rich neutrino-driven wind by consistently including both the multi-angle 3x3 flavor mixing and the nucleosynthesis network calculation. In normal mass hierarchy, the number flux of energetic electronantineutrinos is raised by collective neutrino oscillations. In inverted mass hierarchy, however, collective neutrino oscillations fail to induce prominent flavor transitions because of multi-angle decoherence when neutrinop process takes place. We find that the increased electron antineutrinos promote neutrino p process more actively, resulting in remarkable enhancements of p-nuclei by up to 10^4 times in normal mass hierarchy. Our results demonstrate that collective neutrino oscillations can strongly ininfluence neutrino p process, which indicates that they should be included in the network calculations in order to obtain precise abundances of p-nuclei. While further systematic studies on input neutrino parameters and wind trajectories are necessary to draw a robust conclusion, this finding would helpunderstand the origin of solar isotopic abundances of p-nuclei such as 92,94Mo and 96,98Ru.

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