Presentation Measurement of Tritium Release from Li2TiO3 using Catalytic Oxidation Method

枝尾, 祐希  ,  佐藤, 克美  ,  近藤, 亜貴子  ,  浅原, 浩雄  ,  井ノ宮, 大  ,  鈴木, 卓美  ,  磯部, 兼嗣  ,  岩井, 保則

The persistent fuel cycle is one of the technical topics to be demonstrated in a fusion DEMO plant. Behavior of bred tritium released from a tritium breeder packed in blanket system is important to design the isotope separation system of the fusion fuel cycle. With the object of understanding dynamic behavior of bred tritium, tritium technology group of QST has developed a tritium measurement system on the basis of oxidation of tritium over hydrophobic catalyst. The validity of our system has confirmed through some demonstrations on release behavior of tritium from Li2TiO3 when it was irradiated with DT neutrons.
19th International Workshop on the Ceramic Breeder Blanket Interactions (CBBI-19)

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