Presentation Modeling of chemical reactions of beryllium/beryllide pebbles with steam and its application to safety design of water-cooled DEMO

中村, 誠  ,  金, 宰煥  ,  中道, 勝  ,  染谷, 洋二  ,  飛田, 健次  ,  坂本, 宜照  ,  日渡, 良爾

We have developed a new phenomenological model of the reaction behaviors of the beryllium and beryllide Be12Ti pebbles with the steam. The model consists of the equations of the transients of (i) the radius of the un-reacted part and (ii) the temperature of the pebble. We have developed a code PSYCHE to numerically solve the model equations. The amount of the reaction-produced hydrogen obtained by the code simulation has been found to agree well with the experimental observations. We have applied the code to an analysis of the transient behavior of the Be and Be12Ti pebbles in an in-box LOCA, i.e. loss-of-coolant accident in an blanket box. We demonstrate that use of the new code enables the amount of the hydrogen generated by the chemical reaction, which is a hazard for DEMO, and thermal stability of the pebble.
13th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT-13)

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