Presentation Development of feedback-free optical resonant cavities for laser-Compton scattering

上杉, 祐貴  ,  本田, 洋介  ,  保坂, 勇志  ,  小菅, 淳  ,  大森, 恒彦  ,  坂上, 和之  ,  高橋, 徹  ,  浦川, 順治  ,  鷲尾, 方一

Laser-Compton scattering sources can provide nearly monochromatic x- or γ-rays with good spatial coherence by lower electron energy than those of synchrotron radiation. An optical resonant cavity has been utilized to accumulatethe laser coherently since the intensity of the produced ray is proportional to the electron-beam and laser intensity. We proposed a feedback-free resonant cavity in which the optical system composed of a laser amplifier and an optical cavity keeps resonance condition by itself. The feedback-free laser storage in the high-finesse (F = 646000) cavity was successfully demonstrated. That CW operation was very robust against noise environment.
The 24th Congress of the International Commission for Optics

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