Journal Article A numerical model for investigation of emission of particle debris from laser-irradiated metal targets

佐々木, 明  ,  砂原, 淳  ,  西原, 功修  ,  西川, 亘

7 ( 9 )  , pp.095005-1 - 095005-7 , 2017-09 , AIP Publishing
A simulation model of the hydrodynamics of emission of particle debris from laser ablation is presented. On the basis of a Lagrangian description of the fluid, numerical methods for the placement of a mesh along the distribution of the material to investigate the dynamics of gas bubbles in liquid as well as liquid particles in gas are developed. As an application of the methods, liquid-to-gas transitions are represented. By dividing cells and rearranging the meshes, an appropriate ratio between the volume of liquid and gas region of the material is reproduced. Using the model, an estimation of a criterion of emission of particle debris from the laser ablation is presented.

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