Journal Article Spectral evolution of soft x-ray emission from optically thin, high electron temperature platinum plasmas

原, 広行  ,  大橋, 隼人  ,  Li, Bown  ,  Dunne, Padraig  ,  Gerry, O'Sullivan  ,  佐々木, 明  ,  鈴木, 千尋  ,  田村, 直樹  ,  坂上, 裕之  ,  加藤, 太治  ,  村上, 泉  ,  東口, 武史

2 ( 8 )  , pp.081301-1 - 081301-7 , 2017-08 , American Institute of Physics
The soft x-ray spectra of heavy element plasmas are frequently dominated by unre- solved transition array (UTA) emission. We describe the spectral evolution of an intense UTA under optically thin conditions in platinum plasmas. The UTA was observed to have a peak wavelength around 4.6 nm at line-of-sight averaged elec- tron temperatures less than 1.4 keV at electron densities of (2.5–7.5) × 1013 cm????3. The UTA spectral structure was due to emission from 4d–4f transitions in highly charged ions with average charge states of q = 20–40. A numerical simula- tion successfully reproduced the observed spectral behavior.

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