Presentation Effects of the applied magnetic field phasing on the neoclassical toroidal viscosity and toroidal rotation in JT-60SA

本多, 充  ,  佐竹, 真介  ,  鈴木, 康浩  ,  松永, 剛  ,  篠原, 孝司  ,  吉田, 麻衣子  ,  井手, 俊介

Error field correction coils (EFCCs) will be installed in JT-60SA to apply the perturbed magnetic field for avoidance of the locked mode and control of the edge localized modes (ELMs). It is naturally expected that the neoclassical toroidal viscosity (NTV) emerges due to the applied fields in addition to the inherent perturbed fields by the discrete toroidal field coils, resulting in the modification of toroidal rotation. By varying the phases and the current flowing in the coils and changing the combination of energized coils, we investigate the impact of the applied fields to the NTV and toroidal rotation.
16th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers

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