Presentation Experimental evaluation of detailed electrometer performance for heavy ion dosimetry

Sakama, Makoto  ,  Mizuno, Hideyuki

In the ionization chamber dosimetry, electrometers are used to measure the ionized charge in air. Electrometers have various specifications and must be used with performance suitable for treatment. However, the electrometer has been calibrated only for the DC component and has not been tested against pulsed radiation. In this study, the performance of electrometers was examined in detail against the pulsed carbon ion beams using various ionization chambers. As a result, with one electrometer, it depended heavily on sensitive volume, pulse density and beam intensity. Users need to test and confirm the performance of the electrometer against the radiation actually used.
8th Japan-Korea Joint Meeting on Medical Physics (JKMP2017) (第114回日本医学物理学会学術大会)

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