Journal Article Identification of functional flavonol synthase genes from fragrant wild cyclamen (Cyclamen purpurascens)

Akita, Yusuke  ,  北村, 智  ,  Mikami, Riho  ,  Ishizaka, Hiroshi

Cyclamen purpurascens is considered suitable for horticultural breeding of cyclamens because it has an attractive fragrance that is not found in other wildspecies. To improve the commercial value of cyclamen flowers, this fragrance has been introduced into ornamental cultivars. However, variation in flower color is somewhat limited in these cultivars, and therefore understanding thegenetic networks of flower coloration in C. purpurascens is required. We previously isolated DNA fragments of anthocyanin biosynthetic genes from C. purpurascens, broadening our understanding of the biosynthetic pathwayof flavonols, which are co-pigments in flower coloration. In this study, we isolated complete open reading frames of flavonol synthase genes from C. purpurascens (CpurFLS1 and CpurFLS2) and analyzed the in planta functions of the genes by molecular complementation assay using the flsmutant of Arabidopsis thaliana. Expression patterns in several organs of C. purpurascens were also determined. The results strongly suggest that the CpurFLS genes participate in flavonol synthesis. We discuss the involvement of these two FLSs in flower coloration in C. purpurascens.

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