Presentation Organ dose calculation for arbitrary CT models using the user model function in WAZA-ARIv2 system

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[Purpose] WAZA-ARIv2 is the web-based open system for X-ray CT dose calculator, which has been developed by NIRS and Oita University of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The organ doses in CT scan were calculated using Monte Carlo simulation. We constructed source models based on actual measurements. The selectable CT scanners in WAZA-ARIv2 are still not enough despite the continuing addition of CT scanners because the CT developers deliver a steady stream of new products. In this study, we developed the user model function in WAZA-ARIv2 system in order to calculate organ dose for arbitrary CT models.[Methods] We categorized CT sources based on parameter of radiation quality and fluence distribution for many CT scanner. And we developed and implemented the user model function in WAZA-ARIv2 system. In the user model function, a user can select a specific CT source by considering source information; tube voltage, radiation quality, dose distribution, etc.[Results] We equipped more than 40 sources in the user model function based on actual measurement data. This function and source data designed to permit organ dose calculation for most kinds of CT models.[Conclusion] We developed the user model function in WAZA-ARIv2 system. Users can calculate exposure dose for almost kinds of CT models using WAZA-ARIv2 system.
the 8th Japan- Korea Meeting on Medical Physics

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