Journal Article Isolated Spin Qubits in SiC with a High-Fidelity Infrared Spin-to-Photon Interface

J. Christle, David  ,  V. Klimov, Paul  ,  F. de las Casas, Charles  ,  Szasz, Krisztian  ,  Ivady, Viktor  ,  Jokubavicius, Valdas  ,  Ul Hassan, Jawad  ,  Syajarvi, Mikael  ,  F. Koehl, William  ,  Ohshima, Takeshi  ,  T.Son, Nguyen  ,  Janzen, Erik  ,  Gali, Adam  ,  D. Awschalom, David

7 ( 2 )  , pp.021046-1 - 021046-12 , 2017-06
The divacancies in Silicon Carbide are a family of paramagnetic defects that show promise for quantum technologies due to their long-lived electron spin coherence and their optical addressability at near-telecom wavelengths. Nonetheless, a high-fidelity spin-photon interface, which is a crucial prerequisite for such technologies, has not yet been demonstrated. It is demonstrated that such an interface exists in isolated divacancies in epitaxial films of 3C-SiC and 4H-SiC. Our data show that divacancies in 4H-SiC have minimal undesirable spin mixing, and that the optical linewidths in our current sample are already almost the same as those of recent remote entanglement demonstrations in other systems. Moreover, we find that 3C-SiC divacancies have a millisecond Hahn-echo spin coherence time.

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