Presentation JT-60SA Magnet System Status

Davis, Sam  ,  Abdel, Maksoud  ,  Barabaschi, Pietro  ,  Cucchiaro, Antonio  ,  Decool, Patrick  ,  Di Pietro, Enrico  ,  Disset, Gael  ,  Hajnal, Nandor  ,  Kizu, Kaname  ,  Jean-Louis, Marechal  ,  Masaki, Kei  ,  Mayri, Christophe  ,  Murakami, Haruyuki  ,  Mario Polli, Gian  ,  Rossi, Paolo  ,  Tomarchio, Valerio  ,  Tsuchiya, Katsuhiko  ,  Tsuru, Daigo  ,  Verrecchia, Mario  ,  Wanner, Manfred

The JT-60SA experimental device will be the world’s largest superconducting tokamak when it is assembled in 2019 in Naka, Japan (R=3m, a=1.2m). It is being constructed jointly by institutions in the EU and Japan under the Broader Approach agreement.Manufacturing of the six NbTi equilibrium field coils, which have a diameter of up to 12 m, has been completed. So far 13 of the 18 NbTi toroidal field coils, each 7 m high and 4.5 m wide, have also been manufactured and tested at 4 K in a dedicated test facility in France. The first three of four Nb3Sn central solenoid modules have been completed, as have all of the copper in-vesselerror field correction coils.Installation of the toroidal field magnet, around the previously welded 340° tokamak vacuum vessel and its thermal shield, started at the end of 2016 and is currently underway. The TF magnet will in turn support the EF and CS coils.
25th International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT-25)

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