Presentation Development of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation for Central Solenoid of JT-60SA

村上, 陽之  ,  土屋, 勝彦  ,  木津, 要  ,  Nomoto, Kazuhiro  ,  Hasegawa, Mitsuru  ,  Watabe, Yuki

The manufacturing of central solenoid (CS) for JT-60SA is in progress. Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) process is key technology for large scale magnet and is used for CS. The height of CS module after vacuum impregnation process is reduced due to the shrinkage of insulation thickness. Large shrinkage makes difficulties on VPI process because moving system is requiredon the VPI jigs. We evaluated the amount of shrinkage by VPI test of insulation samples and the test result shows that the height of CS module reduces about 15 mm during VPI process. Improved jig was developed taking into account this shrinkage. VPI was well performed validated by visual check and impulse test. These results suggest that VPI process and jig were successfully established.
25th International Conference on Magnet Technology (MT-25)

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