Journal Article Diffusion of Vacancies Created by High-Energy Heavy Ion Strike Into Diamond

Onoda, Shinobu  ,  Tatsumi, Kazumasa  ,  Haruyama, Moriyoshi  ,  Teraji, Tokuyuki  ,  Isoya, Junichi  ,  Kada, Wataru  ,  Ohshima, Takeshi  ,  Hanaizumi, Osamu

214 ( 11 )  , pp.1700160-1 - 1700160-6 , 2017-09
A novel technique is proposed to measure how far vacancies diffuse from theinitial damaged region with sub-micrometer resolution. Vacancies created bya single heavy ion with high energy are considered. The most importantfeature of the single ion track is the quasi-one-dimensional vacancydistribution with high volume density, which exceeds 1019 vacancies cm3.After annealing, the vacancies combine with nitrogen impurities to formnitrogen vacancy (NV) centers. With increasing annealing temperature andtime, the distribution of NV centers becomes wider. Therefore, the vacanciescreated by a single heavy ion are suitable to investigate vacancy diffusion.The activation energy of vacancy migration in diamond is determined to be2.12 eV, which is in reasonable agreement with reported values.

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