Presentation Dreamy Future by Ion Beam Breeding of Sake Yeast and Industrial Microorganisms

佐藤, 勝也

With the global growth of population, increase in production, stable supply of food, and environmental conservation are becoming very big issues. It is necessary to expand biological resources that possess environmental tolerance and/or novel valuable function. We think that the mutation breeding is very important technology as a basis of expanding biological resources. Firstly, we have clarified the characteristics of mutations induced by ion beams in Aspergillus oryzae. Furthermore, we tried breeding microorganisms for the fermentation industries, agriculture and environment using ion beams with collaborators. Consequently, we obtained the industrial microorganisms that were enhanced beneficial properties. Therefore we have demonstrated that ion beams are available technology for microorganism breeding. We believe we can contribute to food, agricultural and environmental fields via research and development of ion beam breeding technology.
IUMRS-ICAM 2017参加のため

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