Journal Article Study on the coloration response of a radiochromic film to MeV cluster ion beams

百合, 庸介  ,  鳴海, 一雅  ,  千葉, 敦也  ,  平野, 貴美  ,  齋藤, 勇一

A radiochromic film, Gafchromic HD-V2, is applied to a possible method of measuring a two-dimensional spatial profile of MeV cluster ion beams. The coloration responses, i.e., optical density (OD) responses of the HD-V2 film to MeV C and Au cluster ion beams are experimentally investigated. The dependences of the OD response on the cluster size, kinetic energy, and ion species are clarified with respect to the ion and atom fluences. It is found that the sensitivity of the OD change is reduced when the cluster size is large. Moreover, it is demonstrated that the Gafchromic HD-V2 film is suitable for the detail profile measurement of MeV cluster ion beams.

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