Journal Article Recent progress and future plans of heavy-ion cancer radiotherapy with HIMAC

Noda, Koji  ,  Furukawa, Takuji  ,  T., Fujimoto (AEC)  ,  Hara, Yousuke  ,  Inaniwa, Taku  ,  Iwata, Yoshiyuki  ,  Katagiri, Ken  ,  Kanematsu, Nobuyuki  ,  Mizushima, Kota  ,  Mori, Shinichiro  ,  Saotome, Naoya  ,  Saraya, Yuichi  ,  Sato, Shinji  ,  Shirai, Toshiyuki  ,  M., Takada (Chiba Univ.)  ,  Takei, Yuka  ,  Tansho, Ryohei  ,  Yonai, Shunsuke

The HIMAC clinical study has been conducted with a carbon-ion beam since June 1994. Since 2006, as a new treatment research project, NIRS has developed both the accelerator and beam-delivery technologies for the sophisticated heavy-ion radiotherapy, which brings a pencil-beam 3D rescanning technology for both the static and moving-tumor treatments. In this technology, the depth-scanning technique was improved to the full-energy depth scanning by realizing a variable-energy operation of the HIMAC synchrotron itself. At present, a heavy-ion rotating gantry has been developed with the superconducting technology and is in a beam-commissioning stage. As a future plan, we just start a study of a multi-ions irradiation for more sophisticated LET-painting and a design study of a superconducting synchrotron for more compact heavy-ion radiotherapy facility.

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