Presentation Experimental Tests of Broken Tetragonal Symmetry in Hidden Order of URu2Si2

Amitsuka, Hiroshi  ,  Inami, Toshiya  ,  Tabata, Chihiro  ,  Saito, Hiraku  ,  Aoki, Dai  ,  Honda, Fuminori  ,  Homma, Yoshiya  ,  Nakamura, Ai  ,  Uenishi, Kenta  ,  Seguchi, Taisei  ,  Tatematsu, Eri  ,  Hidaka, Hiroyuki  ,  Yanagisawa, Tatsuya

We have performed synchrotron X-ray backscattering measurements on a high-quality single crystal of URu2Si2 with RRR > 350. The obtained experimental results show that the tetragonal crystalsymmetry of this system is preserved in Hidden Order within the highest-ever spatial resolution for the detection of orthorhombicity (b' - a')/(b' - a') of ~ 1.0 x 10-5. We also present the tests for the reproducibility of magnetic torque measurements using the same single-crystalline sample to discuss the possible broken symmetry of URu2Si2.
The International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

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