Conference Paper Quantitative study of mammalian cells by scanning transmission soft X-ray microscopy

Shinohara, K.  ,  Ohigashi, T.  ,  Tone, S.  ,  加道, 雅孝  ,  Ito, A.

849pp.012003-1 - 012003-4 , 2017-08 , IOP Publishing
Molecular distribution in mammalian cells was studied by soft X-ray scanningtransmission microscopy with respect to the quantitative aspect of analysis. NEXAFS profiles at the C, N and O K-absorption edges were combined and used for the analysis. For the estimation of quantity for nucleic acids and proteins, NEXAFS profiles of DNA and bovine serum albumin (BSA) at the N K-absorption edge were applied assuming that those were their representatives. The method has a potential to explore the other molecular components than nucleic acids and proteins.

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