Journal Article Flash-lamp-pumped 4 J, 50 Hz Nd: YAG nanosecond laser system for mobile and transportable equipment

三上, 勝大  ,  長谷川, 登  ,  岡田, 大  ,  近藤, 修司  ,  錦野, 将元  ,  河内, 哲哉

56 ( 8 )  , pp.082701-1 - 082701-6 , 2017-07 , JSAP
A simplified flash-lamp pumped high-average-power Nd:YAG nanosecond laser system based on a master oscillator power amplifier platform was developed toward outside laser remote sensing. The performance of the laser system was demonstrated, obtaining 4 J output pulse energy with a 50 Hz operating frequency. Thermal lens effects were compensated for by using only simple image relays and up to 97 % of the laser energy could be contained in the focal spot. The developed laser system was constructed using only components suitable for operation under outside conditions.

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