Journal Article A new scheme for short baseline electron antineutrino disappearance study

Won Shin, Jae  ,  Myung-Ki, Cheoun  ,  Kajino, Toshitaka  ,  Hayakawa, Takehito

44 ( 9 )  , pp.09LT01-1 - 09LT01-10 , 2017-08
A new scheme for the short baseline electron antineutrino disappearance study is studied. We propose to use an intense neutron emitter, 252Cf, which produces 8Li isotope through the 7Li(n,gamma)8Li reaction; 8Li is a electron antineutrino emitter via beta decay. Because this neutrino source needs neither accelerator nor reactor facility, this source can be placed on any neutrino detectors as closely as possible. This short baseline circumstance with a suitable detector enables us to study the existence of possible sterile neutrinos, in particular, on 1 eV mass scale. Also, complementary comparison studies among different neutrino detectors can become feasible by using electron antineutrinos from the 8Li source. For instance, applications to KamLANDand LENA type detectors are performed in detail. We discussed some signal modification expected by the sterile neutrino. Sensitivities to mass and mixing angles of sterile neutrinos are also presented and compared with those of other neutrino sources. Keywords: Short baseline neutrino disappearance, Electron antineutrino source, Sterile neutrinos.

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