Presentation SPICE-NIRS microbeam: A focused vertical system for proton irradiation of a single cell for radiobiological research.

Konishi, Teruaki  ,  Oikawa, Masakazu  ,  Kobayashi, Alisa  ,  Ohsawa, Daisuke  ,  Shino, Homma-Takeda  ,  Furusawa, Yoshiya  ,  Hamano, Tsuyoshi

There is continuing interest for the use of microbeam irradiation systems designed to deliver a defined number of charged particles on a single cell with a resolution of a few micrometers. Microbeam technique is now considered to be one of the powerful tools for studies related to radiation effect and the risk of low dose radiation. At present, our microbeam irradiation system, SPICE-NIRS microbeam is the only proton microbeam facility in Asia where a single-ion single-cell irradiation can be performed on mammalian cells with stability and high throughput using an upward vertical beam of below 2-μm diameter, focused by the magnetic quadrupole triplet lens [1]. A variety of irradiation modes have been established for radiation-induced bystander effects, cytoplasm irradiation etc. Detailed specification will be described along with the potential applications of SPICE-NIRS microbeam.
1st QST International Symposium "Quantum Life Science" -The pathbreaking life-scientists with quantum eyes and hands-

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