Journal Article Current situations and discussions in Japan in relation to the new occupational equivalent dose limit for the lens of the eye

Yokoyama, Sumi  ,  Hamada, Nobuyuki  ,  Hayashida, Toshiyuki  ,  Tsujimura, Norio  ,  Tatsuzaki, Hideo  ,  Kurosawa, Tadahiro  ,  Nabatame, Kuniaki  ,  Ohguchi, Hiroyuki  ,  Ohno, Kazuko  ,  Chiyo, Yamauchi-Kawaura  ,  Iimoto, Takeshi  ,  Ichiji, Takeshi  ,  Hotta, Yutaka  ,  Iwai, Satoshi  ,  Akahane, Keiichi

37 ( 3 )  , pp.659 - 683 , 2017-07 , IOP Science
Since the International Commission on Radiological Protection recommended reducing the occupational equivalent dose limit for the lens of the eye in 2011, extensive discussions have been made in various countries. This paper reviews current situations in radiation protection of the ocular lens and discussions on the potential impact of the new lens dose limit in Japan. Topics include historical changes in the lens dose limit, current situations in occupational lens exposures (e.g., in medical workers, nuclear workers, and Fukushima nuclear power plant workers) and measurements, current status of biological studies and epidemiological studies on radiation cataracts. Our focus is placed on Japanese situations, but we believe such information sharing will be useful to many other countries.

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